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From our Senior Pastor with love

Greetings from our Senior Pastor

Senior PastorI greet you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. You are welcome to AGCS .

You stumbling into this site is not an accident, it is the directive of God as you are about to receive the amazing touch of God. Those who one way or another opened this page, they were ever grateful to our Living God.

Those things that have eluded them for a period of time got to them by the power of prayer which the good Lord deposits in the lives of the prayer warriors of this ministry. As you go through this website, the hand of God shall open such doors that have been shut against your breakthrough today in Jesus name.

Once again, I say congratulations.

Wisdom Principles from Pastor Olumoroti

  • Being strong at the expense of wisdom is nothing but a losing act
  • Looking for the success of others attracts your own success to you
  • Only a person who hungers for a higher level can reach it
  • Gossips don’t come straight away announcing their intentions; they first start by testing you and knowing where you stand
  • You cannot get a good flavour from a tea bag until it undergoes a swim in hot water
  • Your life may be in a chaos because of years of wrong thinking
  • Taking a step forward in life proves your worth to your enemies



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