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The WORD of God is the life of any Christian and you cannot live a fruitful Christian life without having an in-depth knowledge of His Word. Of course, we know that Jesus Christ is the Word of God that we seek to know. The Word had been with God from the beginning as revealed to us in John 1:1.

No truly wise believer will stop seeking for more knowledge of the Word because God gives His people new revelations everytime, we seek to study His Word. Even Apostle Paul, despite all his great exploits in God, was still yearning to know more of God in Philippians 3:10 (“That I may know him…”). We know God through His Word; we know the way of God through His Word. We also overcome our adversaries by the confession of the Word – Revelation 12:10.

It was in the light of the above that we, at the Amazing Grace Christian Sanctuary place great premium in digging deep into the Word every Wednesday to learn new things at the feat of the Master, just like Mary in Luke 10:38. Our Bible Study is done @ 7.30pm to 9pm every Wednesday. This programme is now held online via Zoom. We are also opportune to ask questions and clarifications concerning the teaching. It is more of an interactive session and we are always richly blessed.

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