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AGCS Glorious Choir (Amazing Voices)

A mixed group of around 18 Adults. We are very focused on worshiping and praising through singing of hymns, contemporary worship and praise songs.

Members of the choir are very dynamic in their ministering as we have some lead vocalist who are also instrumentalists, this allows us to be flexible. If it is the songs of revival, we have lead vocalist who are very gifted in this area, and we have a spirit filled young vocalist who also brings modern style of singing when worshiping.

We hold our rehearsals mostly on Sundays after church services.

The choir have a high synergy which radiates in our ministering because we have been together for a long period of time.

As well as singing songs to worship our God, we also have people who are gifted dancers in the choir and this adds to the joy of worshiping God. After service you can be rest assured that the choir will continue in the act of worship and some members do stay behind and dance away their sorrows which is also a form of weekly cardio exercise.

Whatever the occasion we the AGCS choir are always ready to serve in song ministration and worship.

Criteria for admission into the choir:

1. You must be a born again Christian

2. You must have a good knowledge of the bible

3. Be ready to learn

4. You must be ready to be disciplined

5. You must be really to hold the bond of unity in the chiir

We would love for you to come worship with us and enjoy the Amazing Voices.


Isaiah Olumoroti

Choir Director

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Sunday Service: 10:00 AM — 1:00PM

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