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AGCS Children Department

As our children grow in stature , it is our desire that they also increase in the wisdom and knowledge of God, so that they shine their light everywhere they go – this sums up our children’s department. It is a safe environment, where they learn and also have fun. The children are taught Bible stories depending on their age groups, in a fun and interactive way. Aside this, they also engage in different activities like singing, games, bible reading, coloring and many others.

In this department , we have children between the ages of 3 and 12.
Our Sunday school service is from 11.45am to 1pm every Sunday.

Admission requirements-:
Before your child is admitted into our children’s department, there are important information that must be provided by the parent – e.g medical condition , any dietary needs, and allergies amongst others . A meeting with our Senior Pastor and/or Matron will be required for the parent to discuss these.

Volunteer as a teacher
We are a great and loving team made up of our Matron and other teachers well vast in the knowledge of the Bible. We will be glad to have as part of the team someone who:-

1. has a heart for God
2. Is well vast in the Bible
3. A lover of children
4. Willing and committed to teach the children
5. Friendly, patient and a good role model

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