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What does AGCS have for me or my family?

Children's Ministry

Children's MinistryAGCS recognises the importance of making every individual feel welcome when they come to worship with us. So whether you're a grandparent or a young adult, there is a place for you.

Our Children's ministry caters for children aged 3 to 13 years.

Our aim is not only to introduce young children to the way of the Lord in a fun and lively atmosphere, but to lay a solid foundation on which they can build a vibrant and purposeful future for the Lord. It is also an opportunity for your young ones to make friends as they learn the beautiful truths of God's Word.

Learning is achieved by encouraging active participation as the bible is broken down into simple memory verses, positive confessions, and even songs.

Our children participate in various activities such as drama, music and occasionally, arts and crafts.


Children's Ministry

All these we do in a safe and comfortable environment so that you can concentrate during the service and be blessed knowing that your child is being properly cared for.



Youth Ministry

Youth MinistryThe Youth ministry is our thriving group for young people from age 14 up to 25 who are not yet married.

This group aims to build future leaders with vision, a passion for the things of God and a strong drive to impact the world through the message of Christ. In addition, the youth ministry serves as a wonderful social network with lots of interesting and fun activities for the young at heart!

The youth ministry meets once a month at various locations which are confirmed closer to the meeting. Please see News and Announcements for this month’s date.

Men and Women's Societies

Men MinistryWe also have different small groups or societies for men and women each with the purpose of providing fellowship, edification, support and empowerment to function to the maximum of our potential in Christ.

Our men’s groups (Christ Disciples and Victory Society) all have the overarching goal of building men of vision, power and destiny.

Ladies and women in our various societies (Daughters of Zion, Living Spring and Unity Society) all work together to build our women into role models of virtue, substance and destiny. The annual Amazing Women’s conference and the monthly prayer meetings are some of the many ways through which our women achieve this objective.


The truth is, irrespective of your age, gender or background, there is a place for you at the Amazing Grace Centre!

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