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About AGCS

What we believe

At the heart of our ministry are the following fundamental beliefs:

The Divine Unity of the Godhead, personified in God the Father, His only begotten Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

We believe in God the Father - The Almighty, infinite and holy God. We believe that He is our Creator and that He has a purpose for each one of us that can only be fulfilled when we are in Him. We believe that He loves us and that He not only wants to hear and answer our prayers but expects us to ask Him for all that He has to give us out of His abundance.

We believe in Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God and His virgin conception and birth. We believe that out of God's love, He chose to leave His heavenly glory and came to the world in the flesh. That He died as atonement for our sins, resurrected on the third day and subsequently ascended to heaven. Today, He is at the right hand of God, continuously interceding for all who accept Him before God the Father.

Jesus Christ is willing and able to save anyone who believes and accepts Him into their heart. Without Jesus, the Prince of Peace, it is difficult to find fulfilment in life.

We believe in the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of the Living God Himself. We believe that He is there for every believer who accepts the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. He is our Counsellor, Comforter and Teacher. The Holy Spirit empowers us and prays for us as we yield ourselves to Him in the Father's presence.

We believe in the Bible as the infallible written Word of God and that God honours His every Word . At AGCS, we preach the bible undiluted and believe it holds the key to victory in the many battles of life. Our mantra is preaching the Living Word to a dying world. The Word of God is forever alive.

We believe in the Great commandment and the Great Commission. To love our neighbour as ourselves and to preach the true gospel of Christ to the world, starting from our neighbourhood, the city of London, UK and beyond.

We believe in making a positive impact on our surrounding world by bringing the bible to life in our interactions with other people in every sphere of social living.

As a church, we believe in effective and fervent prayers as a necessary part of spiritual growth and victorious living. Empowering the individual to fulfil destiny and to grow in all areas of life is key to our ministry.

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