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About AGCS

How it all started

The church started its early days as a prayer gathering of brethren in the house of our Father in the Lord, Pastor Tunde Olumoroti after he and like minded Pastors of the then CAC Outreach, UK received a call from the Lord to start the ministry. To the glory of God, the church was registered as a Trust under the Charity laws of England and Wales.

The first service of this church was held on 03 September 2000 in Hackney. The church had a rough and humble start but all were determined to forge ahead nonetheless. However, after three years, the two main ministers decided to restructure the church into two separate ministries - Amazing Grace Christian Sanctuary and Amazing Grace Christian Sanctuary International.

A new Amazing Grace Christian Sanctuary started on 06 April 2003 and is now in the heart of Dagenham with the hand of God waxing strong in our midst.

Our vision

Our vision is to be reknowned as a centre of excellence in expanding the kingdom of God on earth and raising champions for God.

Our mission

Our mission is building champions for Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit equipping them to rise for the salvation of those in the dark so as to liberate them into the glorious light of Christ.

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